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Dayton Maternity Photography Client Closet



As a mom with a growing belly, I know how hard it is to find something that not only fits but looks flattering for photos! That’s why I decided to start a client closet of dresses for my Dayton Maternity Photography sessions. There’s no use in buying a special dress just for a photo session while you’re pregnant to never wear it again!

I offer a collection of “one size” maternity dresses for client use for sessions with me. These dresses are super soft forgiving material that fit a variety of sizes. Some of them also work great postpartum for newborn sessions if you need something simple to wear for your in-studio photos.

Some of these photos are from my time in Hawaii. Although we can’t get to a beach as easily in Dayton, these dresses look great in a variety of locations.


MSP Maternity Client Closet | Dayton Maternity Photography

Taupe dress with long train


Blue foldover neckline dress

Dark green v-neck dress

couple expecting baby standing on rocks with ocean behind them


Soft pink lace dress (can be worn open or closed)


Green velvet off the shoulder dress

couple expecting baby standing together in forest


White lace-top dress (top can be worn variety of ways on/off shoulder)

pregnant woman in white dress standing in ocean by rocks


Red long train dress + matching overskirt for two looks in one

pregnant woman in red dress in fall foliage | Charlotteville Maternity Photography


Same dress as above with the overskirt

pregnant mom in red dress in the fall | Charlotteville Maternity Photography


Black strapless dress

pregnant mom in black dress in field | Charlotteville Maternity Photography


Soft pink off the shoulder dress

expecting mom holding belly | Charlotteville Maternity Photography


Mustard yellow dress


Coral pink dress (same style as above and white lace topped dress)

If you are a current client of mine, feel free to copy and paste the dress names I’ve used here. All clients are also welcome to come try dresses on in my studio too.

I’d be honored to capture a session for you and your growing family! For more information about maternity sessions, see more information about family sessions here.

xo Melissa

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