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Northern Virginia Newborn Photography | Baby Ivy



Welcome to my new favorite session – this sweet Northern Virginia Newborn Photography in-home session featuring sweet baby girl Ivy at only a few days old!

There’s a certain magic that unfolds when you welcome a newborn into your home. The familiar space takes on a whole new meaning, filled with the soft coos, tiny yawns, and the overwhelming sense of love that surrounds this brand new life. That’s the beauty I strive to capture in my in-home newborn sessions.

Forget the bright studio lights and posed perfection. In-home sessions are all about capturing the raw emotions and genuine connections of those first few precious weeks. We work with the natural light streaming through your windows, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. The focus is entirely on you, your baby, and the love that fills your haven.

Recently, I had the privilege of photographing the arrival of sweet little Ivy. Stepping into their home, I was greeted by a sense of serenity. Sunlight peeked through the nursery window, casting a warm glow on the crib. Excitement hung in the air as Ivy’s parents couldn’t take their eyes off their precious daughter.

The session unfolded organically. We captured the tender moments of nursing Ivy, and the soft yawns and delicate features of Ivy herself. We even managed to snag a few precious cuddles with their first daughter Blair, who seemed equally fascinated by the newest member of the family.

Baby Ivy | Northern Virginia In-Home Newborn Session

black and white images of mom and baby on a chair | Melissa Sheridan Photography in-home newborn photography in virginia | Melissa Sheridan Photography Northern Virginia Newborn Photography | Melissa Sheridan Photography Northern Virginia Family & Newborn Photographer | Melissa Sheridan Photography mom and dad holding newborn baby girl | Melissa Sheridan Photography

Northern VA newborn photos | Melissa Sheridan Photography

in-home newborn session in Northern Virginia | Melissa Sheridan Photography


Blair did amazing as her first photos as big sister!!

big sister holding baby sister | Melissa Sheridan Photography newborn photography | Melissa Sheridan Photography

in-home newborn photography | Melissa Sheridan Photography

Northern Virginia In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session | Melissa Sheridan Photography

There’s something undeniably special about capturing these intimate moments in the comfort of your own home. Your surroundings tell a story – the well-loved stuffed animals on the nursery shelf, the worn armchair where countless lullabies will be sung. These details weave a tapestry of love and create a visual record of this fleeting time.

In-home newborn sessions are perfect for new parents who are still adjusting to life with a newborn. You don’t have to worry about packing up a fussy baby or venturing out when you’re feeling sleep-deprived. Instead, you can relax in the familiar comfort of your home, surrounded by loved ones, while I capture the magic of those early days.

Northern Virginia Newborn Photography

If you’re considering a newborn session, and the idea of an in-home experience resonates with you, I’d love to chat!

Let’s create a session that reflects the unique story of your growing family.

xo Melissa

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