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I'm a military spouse, mom of two, and portrait & wedding photographer based in Montgomery, Alabama.

I began my photography journey in 2015 after I had my first daughter. I fell in love with documenting all her moments, big and small. Seven years in business later, I am grateful to have a thriving business that serves amazing clients who care about documenting their  most important moments.

Photography feeds my soul and creative side in a way that I never knew anything could. I'm truly grateful to share my passion with you in such a meaningful, intimate way. 


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montgomery, AL Photographer

These people are my everything! And my daughters are the reason I started my business. You can often find us camping, at a local brewery, or having a lazy day at home.

my daughters

I can't live without my planner! I am total planner nerd and need to write things down.

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Whether it's your wedding details or sweet baby toes, I love capturing every last detail for you to remember.



I'm an avid reader. It's my favorite escape and way to relax. I love self-help books, mystery/thrillers, and memoirs.



I love documenting weddings and families, but I have a major soft spot for newborns. Give me all the babies snuggles!



I am total coffee addict but when I want a real treat, I always get a creamy chai.

chai lattes


a few of my favorite things

There's a sea of photographers everywhere these days, so why choose me? I believe photography is truly a personal experience. I value each and every client I take and believe you deserve the best photos that truly represent who you are. I don't want to merely show up, click my camera, and be on my way. I provide a personalized experience from start to finish, and often times clients even become friends. 

Being able to document people is a huge blessing in my life. I believe the Lord's purpose for me is to bring joy to people through photographs and help them see that their lives are beautifully worth living and capturing, and that the "Pinterest perfect" ideals we place on ourselves are sometimes a little ridiculous. I promise your family is photo worthy. Everyone featured on my website are real people, not models. You will look just as amazing, I promise! I cannot wait to capture something so very "you" that your family can look back on and cherish for years to come.

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Everyone is worthy of being documented and people are much better in front of the camera than they give themselves credit for. I promise it won't be as bad as you think, no matter how "unphotogenic" you claim to be.

I believe...

In real candid moments. We will get a good "smile at the camera" photo, but the rest of our time together will be spent having fun and getting your personality to really come out.

I believe...

In providing a truly personalized photo experience. I would much rather have five clients I connect with on a personal level than ten who I cannot give proper time and attention to.

I believe...

Investing in quality photography is one of the best investments any couple or family can make. You won't regret having memories captured with care to look back on for years to come, I promise.

I believe...

I'm passionate about creating beautiful, timeliness images for the amazing couples and families I serve in Montgomery, Alabama. I'd be honored to document your most special moments, big and small.

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