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May 2021 Goals



Hey friends!

Spring has sprung and I’m feeling happy now that my winter blues are gone. There’s just something about the change of seasons that is so refreshing, but especially so after a long winter indoors with COVID. Although 2021 hasn’t been totally out of the woods for COVID, I am happy to be feeling like we are finally making it out of this mess. I got vaccinated in April and am so thankful for that!

This is very obviously a stock image, since that’s a Canon lens and I shoot Sony, but I thought it was cute 😉

May 2021 Goals | Melissa Sheridan Photography


April Recap

April was wonderful and also went by so fast. I took the first two weeks of April out of office while my family went to my in-laws for a vacation. It was nice to completely check out and get a break. I did meet all my goals from last month, minus ending my sugar fast a little short (Easter candy got the best of me! oops!).

One of my goals was to read a book for fun instead of just Bible Study/self-help stuff. I read A Man Called Ove. Highly recommend it! So cute.

I took my daughter’s birthday photos while we were in Tennessee, in some princess dresses “Santa” got them.

little girls in princess outfits in a garden

I really can’t believe they are four and six! 🥺

I also held my spring mini sessions at Waterperry Farm. The weather was beautiful and I got to see so many returning families, which means a lot to me! 🥰

Charlottesville Spring Mini Sessions at Waterperry Farm

I’ll blog my daughters’ photos and the spring minis when I’m done editing them!


May 2021 Goals

Personal Goals

Start running again, 2x a week. I’ve been a pretty active runner before but not in the past two years. I just signed up for the Richmond Half Marathon in November, so it’s time to get my butt in gear again!

Stick to a morning/evening routine. I do much better with a routine. I got a little off track between being away from home and just life lately.

My morning routine looks like this: 

  • coffee & daily devotional first thing
  • Make the beds/tidy up
  • get in workout clothes
  • workout

And my evening routine looks like this:

  • Be done with work/electronics by 8 PM
  • Tidy up
  • Prep my coffee for the morning
  • Get in bed and read

Simple, but it really helps me function much better!

Really limit social media and how much I’m focusing on others. I feel so much better when I’m not glued to social media. My two weeks away really helped solidify that once again. Coupled with a good work schedule (mentioned below) where I plan out all my social media for the week so it autoposts, I am much happier and more productive!


Business Goals

Create and stick to a work schedule. I’ve been wanting to do this for months, admittedly. Since coming back from vacation, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at what I need to work on every day but also don’t want to spend my entire day working either. I’m going to batch some work together and only spend 3 days a week actively on my computer doing “work” related tasks, besides editing.

Attend a styled shoot. I am excited to go to a styled shoot at a really neat old German house in Virginia called Salubria, being put on by two very talented Virginia Wedding Photographers.

Scale back & enjoy down time. This might seem odd for a work goal, but I truly have to stop “chasing the carrot” sometimes. Spring and fall are my busy seasons and then I have a lull in summer and winter. When I have this lull, I often feel the need to book more sessions, become busier, etc. With nine weddings on my schedule for this year, and being almost booked out for October, I really need to remember that my work comes in waves and just enjoy the slower times!

I hope you are enjoying spring time!

xo Melissa

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