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June 2021 Goals



Time for June 2021 Goals! We are coming up on halfway through 2021, which is crazy to me!

I am so excited to be entering summer. Although hot weather is not my favorite, I’m glad to hopefully be heading into a more normal summer. I finally have some Charlottesville Weddings back on my books again after a long break because of COVID!

June 2021 Goals

But first, let’s recap May!

May Recap

I upgraded my camera! I had been eyeing the Sony a7r IV since it came out last September. I’m never one to get something as soon as it comes out. I always like to see reviews and let the price drop a bit. My 2nd camera body was starting to get pretty slow. With so many weddings in Charlottesville this summer and fall, I knew it was time to upgrade though since I shoot with two camera bodies at all my weddings.

So far, I love it! The file sizes are huge, but the camera performs well and feels great in my hand.

I had a lovely outdoor family/newborn session, a family session with some past newborn clients, and an engagement session for a sweet October wedding couple of mine.

Market At Grelen Family Photos | Melissa Sheridan Photography

Family photo session at the Market at Grelen, Somerset, VA


Charlottesville Family Photographer Ivy Creek Family Photos

Family Photos at Ivy Creek Nature Preserve, Charlottesville, VA


Virginia Engagement Photographer

Engagement photos in a river in Central Virginia 


I also attended a styled shoot at Salubria up in Culpeper, VA. It was at a historic house and the models were incredible!

Salubria Wedding Inspiration


May was truly very busy and it felt good to get back out there and have more work on my plate.

June 2021 Goals


Keep organizing. I’ve been pretty diligent about organizing in our house lately, but a few closets/spaces I’ve been putting off. I’d like to tackle a couple of closets and junk piles.

Enjoy our vacation time! I’ll be in Virginia Beach for a weekend and am going to Nashville at the end of the month too. I’ll be having my first kid-free time in 15 months!

Have a pool day/splash pad day once a week. My kids love the water! The one lose routine thing I’d like to keep this month and during the summer is to have one day set aside to be our pool day or hit up a local splash pad since they’re opening for the summer! It’s easy for me to want to schedule goal-like to do list items, but sometimes scheduling some fun is exactly what I need to stay more balanced.


Blog more again. With getting busier the past month, blogging fell to the wayside. I have a lot of fun stuff to share on the blog, as seen above!

Limit summer sessions & pre-book for fall. I am already quite booked up for summer. I either just don’t have availability because of travel schedules or I am already booked! I know I’ll get more inquiries, but I really need to keep my calendar in check and say no unless I really can accommodate it.

I know I will be fully booked for fall, so I plan to start opening up my remaining fall dates to email subscribers in July. Click here to get on the email list!

Summer is typically my slower season. Between life picking up post-COVID and making up for lost time with people not doing as much in 2020, my calendar is SO FULL. I am so grateful! I will be heading into June with a full heart and moving full speed ahead to get it all done!

I hope you have a great start to your summer!

xo Melissa

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