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July 2021 Goals



Hello, July! Time for July 2021 goals!

I’m super late into posting this because we were on vacation for most of June and the over 4th of July weekend found out we’re moving! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for sure.

July 2021 Goals


June Recap

I don’t have much to recap from June because we were traveling so much. Here’s a few shots from our Virginia Beach trip though.

It was our first time at the beach since we left Hawaii two years ago! It was no Hawaii, but it was nice to go on a vacation after such a long time staying home during 2020. My girls love the beach!


July 2021 Goals

My goals have definitely shifted big time since I will be moving to Dayton on such short notice. I had to cancel or find other arrangements for a few bookings I had for fall in Virginia. I’m so sad I won’t be in Virginia for another beautiful fall season, but I am excited for the change and to go to Ohio.


Do all the things organizing and packing for our move! We got about 12 weeks notice on this move, but are moving in more like 6-8 weeks now to get to Ohio in time for our kids to start school. I feel like we’re decently organized already but moving always requires more.

Stay consistent in daily routine things. I get really cranky when I get too busy and let things like working out and reading my Bible go to the wayside. Although we’ll be plenty busy, I’m determined to stick to daily Bible reading and working out at least 4 times a week. I’m just so much happier if I take care of me, especially when things get a little crazy.

Accumulate no new things/do a spending fast. We absolutely do not need more stuff to move, so the less we can bring into our home the better. Moving is also expensive so cutting down on unnecessary spending is a huge help in this time.


Close my business in Virginia and restart it in Ohio. I definitely plan to keep my business going, so first on my list after we are relocated is to register my business in Ohio.

Redo my entire website and social media to reflect Ohio. I already did this immediately after finding out we’re moving. I still have a lot of old blog posts to covert over from Virginia keywords to Ohio ones. I’m on the right track though.

Give myself grace. Although I want to get restarted right away, I want to give ourselves time to move. I don’t know if we’ll be buying a home and having to live in a hotel for a while or what. I definitely don’t need the pressure of work in that time. I’ll be super busy in August too before we move, so I will have my work cut out for me in editing when we leave!


I’m so excited to check out Ohio and get connected there. As soon as I’m open for business in Ohio, I’ll be sure to announce some information on fall booking and mini sessions here and on my newsletter!

xo Melissa

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