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How to Care for Your Engagement Ring


Wedding Planning

Do you have some sparkly new bling on your finger? Today I’m talking about how to care for your engagement ring!

Couple holding hands with engagement ring

Get it insured ASAP!

This is my number one tip for how to care for your engagement ring. If you follow no other tips, let it at least be this one. Why? Your engagement ring is so important and your fiancé likely saved a lot of money to buy it! Let’s not be careless here.

You can get insurance for your ring through your regular homeowners insurance usually for just a few dollars a month. You will need to get the ring appraised first so they know the value. This usually costs about $100.

If you think nothing will ever happen to ring, think again. I have heard so many horror stories! One of my brides actually had her ring stolen before her engagement session, so we had to postpone it until she could get a new ring! SO SAD. Don’t let this be you!


How to Care for Your Engagement Ring


Keep up with cleanings and checks from the jeweler

There’s nothing better than a clean sparkly ring! I recommend a professional cleaning before engagement sessions and before your wedding day so your ring really shines!

You should also keep up with any regular checks at the jeweler to check for loose stones, etc.


Engaged Couple holding out engagement ring


Don’t Wear it In these Situations

Don’t wear your ring while: 

  • sleeping – sheets can scratch platinum and soft golds. It may also be hard to get your ring off in the morning if you get puffy overnight
  • doing the dishes, showering, or doing your hair/make up
  • at a beach, in a body of water, swimming – basically any place it could fall off easily and get lost
  • working out or working with your hands when they may get dirty (painting, working with clay, etc.)

When taking it off, make sure to put it in a safe place though!

True story: I put my ring in a pocket in my bathrobe once and it was “lost” for three days. I was terrified I lost it forever! I recommend a cute dish like this one on a dresser or side table so you always know where it is!



Get Travel Rings

Nothing would be worse than losing your wedding ring on your honeymoon. It’s advised to not travel with your wedding ring, especially if going to a beach location. Wearing a high-end looking ring can make you more of a target for theft when traveling too.

True story: my husband lost his wedding ring at a lake and on the beach (yes, we’re on ring 3 with him!). So consider getting your spouse a travel ring as well!

Get a simple solid band or one of these rubber rings. I have some and wore them all the time when I lived in Hawaii and frequented the beach often.



I hope these tips are helpful in thinking about caring for your engagement ring!

xo Melissa


Charlottesville, VA Engagement Photography

Are you engaged? Let’s pop the champagne and celebrate with an engagement session for you and your spouse-to-be!

Reach out today to start planning your dream engagement photos! 

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How to Care for Your Engagement Ring | Melissa Sheridan Photography

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