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Dayton Photo Session Locations


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Whether you’re having a family or engagement session, here are my top Dayton photo session locations. This is my top asked question by clients, so I hope this post helps you get ideas for where to have your photo session.


Dayton Photo Session Locations

Russ Nature Reserve

This is such a great little park in Fairborn that’s easily walkable for children, allows pets, & offers lots of variety in such a small area. A favorite of mine!

Russ Nature Reserve | Dayton Photo Session Locations


Oakes Quarry Park

This is unique spot that has both rocks, evergreen trees mimicking a tree farm, & a pond for some water.

Dayton Photo Session Locations | Melissa Sheridan Photography | Oakes Quarry


Pearl’s Fen Park

This is another small park with an open field, similar to Russ Nature Reserve.

Dayton Photo Session Locations | Melissa Sheridan Photography



Dayton, Ohio Metro Parks


All metro parks in the Dayton area require a permit for professional photography services.

The permit is $25 for most parks. The metro parks are beautiful and I find it’s definitely worth it to go to these locations! 

Wegerzyn Gardens

This location is such a treat to go to! Even if you don’t choose this as your photo spot, you should go just to experience these beautiful gardens. Here it is pictured in May and everything was in full bloom. It is so well-kept and has plenty of variety.

Cox Arboretum

This is an absolutely stunning location in the spring. They have a field of super tall tulips as pictured here and gorgeous blooming trees. It is quite busy, but we were still able to get the shots!

Eastwood MetroPark

This park is so beautiful! It’s very close to the Air Force Museum if you’ve been there. There’s beautiful water/river as a background, a few cute footbridges, and lots of trees. This park is dog friendly and beautiful in fall, spring and summer.

Eastwood MetroPark Photo Session | Melissa Sheridan Dayton Ohio Photographer Eastwood MetroPark Photo Session | Melissa Sheridan Dayton Ohio Photographer


Other MetroPark Options:

Carriage Hill


Aullwood Garden


Other Unique Location Options

Downtown/Urban Setting

If you’re city people or just aren’t wanting to go to a field type of location, downtown or a few spots in Dayton are a great option for somewhere unique.

Man and woman sitting on bench


Your Home/Personal Property

There’s nothing like making it personal by having a session at home. This is a great option if you have little kids so they’re extra comfortable!


A Studio

If you’re having newborn or cake smash photos, I have the option to do these out of my small home studio. I don’t have space for large groups, but there are several studios for rent in the Dayton area I can suggest that would work for larger families.


I hope this helps you in deciding on your next photo session location in Dayton!

xo Melissa


Melissa Sheridan is a military spouse, mom of two, and avid reader. She is a wedding, family, & newborn photographer in the greater Dayton, Ohio area. She offers full day and elopement wedding photography, & portraits for couples, maternity, families, and children of all ages. For more information, contact Melissa to schedule a session or get more information. 

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