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Dayton Ohio Newborn Photography | Cora



It was such a pleasure to do this sweet newborn session for adorable Cora! I love providing Dayton Ohio Newborn Photography because capturing these sweet early days of your newborn is pure joy! Sweet Cora is 14 days new in these photos. She was so itty bitty at just above 6 pounds!

Newborn sessions are best within about 3 weeks of birth. But sometimes issues happen, so later is always okay too. Capturing these memories at all is the most important thing!


Cora Newborn Session

Dayton Ohio Newborn Photography

Cora slept for almost 2 hours straight for this session. She was a champ!

Dayton Ohio Newborn Photographer | Melissa Sheridan Photography Dayton Ohio Newborn Photography | Melissa Sheridan Photography

Dayton Ohio Newborn Photography | Melissa Sheridan Photography

Cora and her proud parents!

new parents with baby girl | Newborn Photos in Dayton Ohio

There’s nothing more I love than being able to provide these images for new parents. The newborn stage is always a bit rough, but when you have these to look back on, you will be smitten with your precious baby and how small he or she was!

I know it’s cliche, but they really do grow so fast. They are in newborn size clothes for the shortest amount of time usually! I look back on my own kids newborn days and think “How were they ever that tiny?!” I can’t keep your baby little forever, but I can preserve the memory of all their sweet little details!

xo Melissa


Newborn Photography in Dayton Ohio

For information about booking your own newborn session, see this page with investment options at all price points or contact me to book!

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