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Dayton Ohio Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Evelyn



This Dayton Ohio newborn lifestyle photography session is near and dear to my heart. I was able to take these photos for a good friend of mine through church. Although she had a baby born right after the start of the pandemic, we were all staying home quarantined prior to this so felt safe to still go ahead with the session.

There’s nothing quite like a session in your own home, whether it’s for a newborn or just a family session. It’s so special for families to have images in the homes they nurture their children in and carry out every day life in. These sessions are as personal as it gets!

Evelyn | Dayton, Ohio Newborn Lifestyle Photography

I started with capturing Evelyn’s amazingly done and precious pink and girly nursery. I love all these details!

Baby girl nursery changing station

baby girl laying on changing pad

baby girl nursery details

Big sister Scarlett was the most excited for her new sister!

toddler next to crib with new baby in it

How adorable is this crib that Amy had? It’s a toy that was hers when she was little but was the perfect little newborn photo prop!

toddler and baby in small crib

mom and her daughters next to crib in nursery

mom and dad holding new baby girl | Dayton Newborn Photographer

mom and dad holding new baby girl in pink | Dayton Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

dad holding baby girl in front of window

mom kissing baby girl in nursery | Dayton Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

mom holding baby girl in nursery | Dayton Newborn Photographer

dad kissing baby girl that mom is holding | Dayton Newborn Photographer

toddler feeding mom a snack on a bed

mom and dad kissing and holding new baby | Dayton Newborn Photographer

dad holding back moms hair as she kisses newborn baby

close up of golden doodle with family in the background

family of four sitting on couch

mom touching baby girls cheek | Dayton Ohio Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

mom holding sleeping baby over her shoulder | Dayton Ohio Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

toddler sitting in high chair in kitchen | Dayton Ohio Newborn Photographer

Being invited into client and friend’s homes for sessions like this Dayton, Ohio Lifestyle Newborn session are so special to me. I get a glimpse into every day life for the people around me. And despite what we all want to think about our lives, they are so beautiful, imperfections and all!

Amy had a very thoughtful review for me after this and her family photos in the fall:

“If you’re like me and you value photographs as family heirlooms then Melissa is your girl. She is kind, patient, warm, creative, caring, and talented. Our newborn and family lifestyle photos by Melissa are displayed all around our home and they make me feel all the feels. We will cherish them forever. We look forward to many more sessions with Melissa.” – Amy 

Interested in scheduling your Dayton, Ohio Newborn Lifestyle Session? See this page for more information or contact me today!

xo Melissa

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