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Dayton Ohio Family Photographer | B Family



I love being a Dayton Ohio Family Photographer! Fall is the best time for family photos in my opinion. Just keep scrolling to see why! It was such a pleasure to get to work with this family again a second year in a row. Repeat clients are a joy! We already know each other and it makes working together a breeze.

We met at Eastwood Metropark in October for these photos. The leaves were just about at their peak here and photographed beautifully! If you’re looking at this post at a later date and are envisioning a session like this, inquire early! I think my client here inquired back in July for this session! I always book up completely in October because how pretty the leaves get in this area. So word to the wise – please plan ahead!

B Family

Dayton Ohio Family Photography


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Eastwood Metropark is one of my favorite locations here. There’s plenty of space and variety for images. And it’s always pretty in the spring and fall!

xo Melissa

Dayton Ohio Family Photography

For more information about a family photography in Dayton, Ohio see my session packages or contact me.

I would love to work with your family big or small anywhere in Ohio to capture some beautiful memories!


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