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COVID-19 Studio Policies | Charlottesville Photographer


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COVID-19 has certainly thrown a wrench into my typical workflow of studio and newborn sessions! I have always taken health safety practices seriously for newborn sessions since babies have such new immune systems. The last thing any mama wants is a sick baby. Although there are changes and I am taking on much less sessions now, I have been able to safely work with a select few families during this time.

Due to the close proximity of newborn and other studio sessions, the fact that they are indoors with less ventilation, and clients must take off masks to be photographed, I have implemented new policies to protect all parties involved.

COVID-19 Studio Policies | Charlottesville Photographer

COVID-19 Studio Policies | Melissa Sheridan Photography

Who is eligible for a studio or in-home session?

Currently, if you and your family do not follow any social distancing guidelines, I cannot offer any studio session or in-home lifestyle sessions. I have a high risk child and my family is doing everything we can to protect ourselves from becoming sick.

If your family is not mixing with other family or friend groups outside your household on a regular basis, follows good masks-wearing habits, and does not participate in high risk activities, I am considering studio or in-home sessions for these families on a case by case basis. If you do not practice social distancing or mask wearing to this extent, I can offer you an outdoor session instead where we can keep our distance and no handling of baby will be involved.

New Policies in light of COVID-19

  1. Any studio session for newborns will now take place 14 days after getting home from the hospital (not 14 days from birth, but actually being home). If you have family coming to visit the baby or watch a child, sessions will take place 14 days after you have last seen the other parties. Although newborn sessions are typically recommended as soon as possible after birth, I have had great success with “older” newborns. Any newborn sessions I did in 2020 after the pandemic started were for babies about a month old and they turned out beautifully.
  2. Fresh 48 sessions are not available at this time. Check out this blog post I wrote including tips about taking your own fresh 48 photos.
  3. Masks are required for all eligible parties for studio sessions (ages 2 and up). I will always be masked and gloved to handle your newborn if that applies.
  4. I will no longer move a stray hair out of your face or fix your shirt for you, etc. to maintain distance.
  5. I ask that only those being photographed be present at a session. If you have a sibling you would like photographed, I ask that a parent wait with the child outside/in the car and the child and other parent on come in when it is their time to be photographed.
  6. All my props are still available for use. I do so few sessions these days that no item would ever be used back-to-back. All items are thoroughly cleaned after each session.
  7. Multiple studio or indoor sessions are not scheduled within the same 14 day period.
  8. If anyone being photographed shows signs of being unwell or has had known contact with someone with COVID-19 or has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, I have the right to refuse services and recommend services take place when everyone is well.
  9. If for any reason I am feeling unwell, I would be upfront about my current status and opt to postpone our session.
  10. No shoes are allowed in the studio.

I do hope that 2021 brings some normalcy back to our lives and that cases of this virus go down. I do plan to get myself and family vaccinated as soon as I am able. Until then, stay safe.

Thank you so much for reading these new policies. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at or text/call at (434) 373-0015.

All the best,



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