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April 2021 Goals



Time for April 2021 Goals!

I’m not sure if you’ve kept up with my goals posts this year, but it makes me nostalgic for when I had a personal blog for many years!

I’m glad to bring some more personal elements to my photography business so I can share me with you. Also, I’m amazed I set out to start this post series and that I’m actually keeping up with it! 😉

April 2021 Goals | Melissa Sheridan Photography


March Recap

But first, let’s talk about March. March was a really good month for me! Sessions really picked up and I launched my Spring Mini Sessions. April is fully booked and I only have one date left for May! You guys are awesome and keeping me busy!

Some sessions I had in March that I loved were this studio session for my friend’s baby who just turned one.

Having babies in my studio is just pure joy!

And this maternity session at a new-to-me location that was just magical!

After a long winter inside with very little shooting in January and February, it is so nice to have had the change of pace and get outside now that it’s getting warmer. So grateful!

My business also turned “unofficially” five years old! And I gained another year around the sun myself! 🎂


April 2021 Goals

Personal Goals 

Stick with my 40 Day Sugar Fast – It technically “ends” April 10th, but I don’t really plan to add sugar back in if I can help it. I am feeling so much better off sugar!

Start 21 Day Fix Extreme. I did the original 21 Day Fix in February, and am part way through going through it a second time. When I’m done, I’d like to move onto Extreme. I love BeachBody on Demand and am loving that 21DF workouts are only 30 minutes but I’m also still sore after them!

Take my daughter’s birthday photos. I have princess dresses for each of them and plan to take their pictures at my mother-in-law’s garden. It’s a special place for us and should be getting really pretty in spring!

Read a book for fun. I’ve been reading plenty lately, but it’s all been self-help type books, nothing fun! I’m starting to feel burnt out on reading and really need a non-technology escape.


Business Goals 

Out of Office Break! – Take the first two weeks of April out of office while I go see family for spring break. But a true out of office where I’m not checking social media or doing work!

With being out of office, I hope to reset some standards and be a little more mindful about how I use social media. I want to come back from my out of office break with intentionality, not just rushing right back into things.

Blog weekly! – After doing Vanessa Hick’s Blogging with Strategy course, I have been loving blogging for my business. I seriously have over 100 blog topics to write since taking that course. While social media is a great way to get found, I enjoy the long-term strategy of being found on Google and having more control over that than I do on social media platforms. Plus, I just really like writing and getting to add value to my website.

Spring Mini Sessions! – Host my spring mini sessions at the end of the month! I’m so excited for these. As of right now, there’s still one slot left if you want to snag it for yourself!

xo Melissa

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  1. […] my in-laws for a vacation. It was nice to completely check out and get a break. I did meet all my goals from last month, minus ending my sugar fast a little short (Easter candy got the best of me! […]

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